He said what? Part 1

I remember attending a prayer meeting where everyone shared their hardships and trials in life and asking for God’s peace in their lives. And that is a good thing to pray about. Some prayed for healing which is also good. And i remember one saying “if it is your will Lord”. I thought that was a very humble thing to say. That even though God might not heal that person, that same person will learn to love and be satisfied in Christ even in the mist of suffering. The Apostle’s faith was tested through suffering. Because it increases their faith and obedience to God’s promise. Yet it is also good to pray that the person would be healed because also might be God’s will

But when the person said these words, another man in the room started rebuking that prayer. He shouted in his prayer. And began to rebuke Sickness and the devil; he also used strong words like ‘ I declare’ ‘i rebuke you Satan’ ‘ I command you to’ etc. And declared to God that he would not accept anything that may result in more physical suffering like sickness or calamities. One must ask ‘ who is this man who stands in authority to declare such things that only God can? Obviously this man was confused in who was in control. But this is the kind of confusion that comes out of the teaching of ‘positive confession’ which is taught greatly in the charismatic movement.

It teaches us that because we are created in God’s image; and because we are sons and daughters of God, we have the power with our tongue to ‘rebuke’ sickness. To ‘command’ the weather to change. To ‘ declare’ life and prosperity into someones life. In short, it teaches that we have the power to speak life. All that is true, but there is a twist to it. “speak life”. Now what does that remind you off? (Genesis 1:3) obviously, when God spoke life began. Or what about our Lord’s words ” the words that i have spoken to you are spirit and life” (John 6:63). When God speaks, he brings things into existence. Because He is sovereign, all knowing and all powerful. Jesus Christ rebuked storms and cast out devils and healed the sick by the authority of His words. Now what about us? Do we have that great power to use with our mouths?

The answer is simple but many find it hard to confess it.

The reason why is because: when someone teaches something that appeals to the flesh; that makes man the center of everything in life; then he is going to find it very hard to accept the Authority and Sovereign will of God. If man is tempted to be the captain of his own life and have power on the life of other’s then he must need some sort of power. And the answer they say is to use God’s power and authority;. Positive confession teaches that man can be that captain! And when people believe that to be true, then they also believe that their words, determine their own lives and the lives other’s in a way that same way God determines life and death. I remember once organizing for a talent show with a group of men to recast the story of Saul’s/Paul’s conversion in Acts 9.

I remember telling a man who was going to play the role of Paul before his conversion, to show that Saul (Paul) was a murderer and he hated Christian and he especially hated Jesus Christ. I asked him to be more realistic saying words like ” i hate Jesus” acting as Saul from Acts 9.  Now we all knew that he was acting it, so we did not believe that he hate our Lord; but the man immediately said to me ” i don’t want to say this” i asked him why and he said to me ” my words have power”. He was very worried about it. We decided not go any further, so we decided for him to say something else. But can you imagine how terrible it is to believe that your words have that power to determine nearly everything in your life? So where is God Sovereing rule in that picture? Is it not God who is suppose to be Lord over your life?. Does not God have the will and power to bring you from life and death? What He does and says is final. You and I, have no power or authority to say otherwise, whether it’s sickness or health.

We read in (Romans 9: 15,18) Paul uses the OT to show that God said to Moses”i will have mercy on whom i have mercy, and i will have compassion on whom i have compassion”. This was to show that God was all wise and sovereign in his actions whether they seem bad in our eyes. Then Paul concludes “So then he has mercy on whomever he wills, and he hardens whomever he wills”. Verse 20 “Who are you, O man, to answer back to God?”. 

Another problem about this teaching is that they teach that God needs our permission for earthly affairs. Sounds awfully ridiculous. Why cant God just do whatever He wants?

Well, unfortunately the Word of Faith preachers teach that God has been kicked out of earth. Because when Adam sinned; he gave legal rights to Satan to rule over the dominion that was promised to Adam by God. And so because of that legal action, the Word of Faith preachers teach that God cannot do anything on the earth, unless a man allows him the permission to do so. Note ( i am not making this up by the way, this is what they teach)

So who is the hero of our lives; God or man?. The answer that the Word of Faith preachers teach is Man. Man gives permission, Man commands things to come into existence, Man is to rule thanks to God.

Does that not seem to you odd that they praise God all the time jumping and dancing all the time? Well one of the reason of doing so is because they have a Man centered Gospel. Is this another Gospel?  

Watch this video as an example of what have we been talking about the false teaching of ‘positive confession’ by speakers Benny Hinn and Myles Monroe. A different Gospel? You decide : 


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