‘She said what?’ part 4

I know that many of you are familiar with the ministry of Joel and Victoria Osteen. Most of you enjoy there teaching because you find it relaxing; some of you have realized that what the Osteen’s teach is not Biblical Christianity, but religion that only focused on self centered desires, human achievement, money, success, health, vanishing sin and Hell..etc.

I personally used to listen to the Joel Osteens teaching (6 years ago) and i would say to anyone to listen to there ‘good’ theology; until i started reading my Bible. But my experience will not be of any use unless you take a look and examine the word’s coming out of Osteen’s mouth; by looking into the Word of God. The Bible is clear that believers are called to worship the true and Living God because He is worthy of all praises. Worship is when you go and give yourself to God and praise Him with your body and mind. You are a living sacrifice to God and for God (Romans 12:2). But did not seem to be so when Victoria Osteen said the following word’s ‘do it for yourself’. In the following clip that i would like to share, is Victoria Osteen saying things that do not seem they are from the Bible at all. I agree with what Bill Cosby had to say about it and he is right.

Now some of you will say that ‘she is just human we all do mistakes’. And i agree we are all sinners, but that is no excuse to deny what is being said; because no one is realizing where does Joel Osteens Ministry stand. They have been going on like this for years and so this is not something new from the Osteens but one that we must not be arrogant to ignore. If your a Osteen fan you must ask yourself why do you listen to this kind of teaching? And have you spend time looking at what the Bible has to say about Christ’s purpose in our lives?. Please take time to think about these things. Here is the clip:


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