Young believers and Spiritual food (quick review on C.H Spurgeon sermon) part A


(If you are a new convert, this article is for you).

C.H Spurgeon preached on this very topic back in 1876, reading from (Isaiah 5:17) “Then shall the lambs feed after their manner”.

The first observation that Mr Spurgeon points to us is that young believers must feed. That is to say, that when a sinner receives the new birth, he must be fed with spiritual food immediately. “No sooner is an animal born than it receives food” said Spurgeon. This is the kind of food that gives life to the soul. For if we take the words of our Saviour “The word’s that I have spoken to you are spirit and life” (John 6:63), I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger” (John 6:35) “if anyone thirst’s let him come to me and drink” (John 7:37), these texts and many more point to us that He, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word is the food that gives us life to grow.

I also noticed Spurgeon’s pastoral wisdom when he noticed (like we witnessed today) many young Christian’s who are zealous to work for the Lord, but lack knowledge on doctrine and thus fall into many false doctrines and worldly desires. Like a tender father who cares for Christ’s flock he preached to his congregation: “Young brethren, there is a time for feeding as well as a time for working. We do not allocate to little children the work of heavy labouring. Some lesser service in the house is suitable for them, and will do them good; but we do not exact too much from them, for we know that youth is a time in which they must be learning and growing”. This indeed is lovely to read, for they remind us the tender words of our Lord saying to his disciples, who were babes in the faith “I still have many things to say to you but you cannot bear them now” (John 16:12).

We cannot run unless we are first send. Young Christians ought to wait, climb on the laps of Jesus and listen and learn from his message. And then “run as a messenger with a real message” says Spurgeon. And if we are to be nourished with the spiritual food, we must use our time wisely. For often we see many who unfortunately use their time and energy focusing on something other than spiritual. They remain peter pan and never desire to grow up. What we read and what we spend our time doing on will affect our souls to either remain as babes or becoming strong, mature, serious, Christ minded soldiers of the Lord’s army.

Spurgeon also pointed out that it is good for young believers to spend much time with those who can instruct them. As we read in (Proverbs 13:20) “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”. Note what Spurgeon said agreeing with Scripture:  “It is a barren thing for a young man to associate only with those who are below him in experience, and not with those from whose lips pearls drop, because they have been in those deeps where pearls are found. Be much with experienced Christians and you will be fed by them.”

The reason why this is needed today, is because one of the great mistakes that we see with churches and ministers who call themselves ‘Christian’, is that they have not fed the young generation with sound doctrine. The have taken worldly wisdom, (psychology, secular thinking), accommodate it in the church and have used it on our children, our young people and young adults. A lie has been taught that the old generation cannot relate with the young generation. So they must separate from each other and each much spend time with their own groups because it makes them relevant. But if you get a young man who has been influenced most of his life being around boys of his age; then what will you have is a fool. Because we are not born with wisdom, we need to earn it. In (Titus 2:3-5) commands the older generation to instruct the younger in godliness. The older women and men must be sober minded, sound in faith, holy, so that they may teach the younger generation by being good examples. Young adults with boys and girls are called to do likewise.

Going back and seeing how many times in my life I have failed to make wise decisions by trusting in my own wisdom and the wisdom of the world and by trusting in those who are of similar age, who were never instructed by someone older; I see and regret not seeking the advice and influence from the wise. We all have been through this because this is the world we live in. But as Christian’s, if we trust in the Bible’s inerrancy and sufficiency, then I encourage you, let our words be evident by our actions. Let’s apply these truths in our lives.


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