Young believers and Spiritual food (a quick review on C.H Spurgeon sermon) part B

His second point was that young believers have their own way of feeding.

Don’t expect babes in the faith to begin learning their Hebrew and Greek right way. A father knows that if their child is four years old that he is not able to read the NT Greek fluently and perfectly in order. But if he begins with his A, B, C’s then his is on the right track. In the same way, we must give to our young Christian brothers and sisters one bite at a time. “Young Christians love the simple truths of the Gospel” Spurgeon said. I am always pleased to see children learn there little verse’s at Sunday school, because I know that God is going to use that powerful text in their heads and lead them to spiritual conversion and then maturity one day. When a father and a mother hears their 2 year old say the word’s “Dada” or “hello”, they become thrilled and excited for their child’s efforts. That is how we ought to be, full of love and compassion.

Thirdly, young believers like to feed little and often. Again we see a reflection of godly wisdom and pastoral care by Mr Spurgeon’s word’s “Strong saints can bear whole days of devotion, and delight in them, but for young believers, let them have here a little and there a little, a text and a text” “But” he added “let them have it often”.

Fourthly: young believers, if they feed well, feed after their manner quietly. This is related to my own personal experience as a young convert, when I had to leave various places with un-healthy teaching and lifestyle. And I know am not the only one who has experienced this, for many other young believers who are in churches that bring all kinds of bizarre unbiblical teaching, have also desired to leave. Once they realize by the grace of God that what is being feed to them tastes bitter, there conscience gives them no rest. For why would a born again Christian remain in a place of error or in a place that has become apostate to the fundamental doctrines of Christianity? It is by the God’s power that the young believer is able to escape and seek earnestly to be among God’s people and close to God’s Word read and taught. Another point to add: those who are mature in the faith at the Biblical Church of the Lord, must be careful with words and actions when young converts are present. Because it may cause them to stumble into sin and get into much trouble and confusion. And this is where godly kindness, love and patience is most needed (1 Corinthians 13: 4-7). With much prayer and in due time, while we love them and tell them the truth of the Bible, they will see God’s will revealed to them and follow after it.

Fifthly: young believers feed in pleasure after they have fed in their own manner. That is to say, that young Christians are very excited and enthusiastic of what the Lord has given them. This should not bother us nor surprise us, because Spurgeon was not surprised at all. “Young Christians ought not to be told to cease their sanctified humour. They ought not to be expected to groan with those that groan just yet, but allowed to rejoice with those that do rejoice.” This would indicate that experienced Christians have deeper and deeper desires to see other’s saved from the judgement to come that they cannot even sleep knowing that a nation or a people group or a family member is not reached and not saved. They seek for God to use them and to save the lost. But this does not mean that they are ungrateful for the Lord rescuing young Christians from death;. The excitement of a young Christian is that of a young child being free after he was the slave of a cruel master for years. Off course he is going to rejoice with unspeakable joy. So let us rejoice with them and praise our Lord for the work He has done.

Sixth: young believers are fed in company. A young Christian is always around the community of the saint’s which is the Church. Thus it is not a good idea to leave the church and try and grow as a single individual.

And finally, seventh: in the worst of times God will see that His young Christians and the rest of His flock are fed. This statement is also very true in my personal life, so I can testify to its veracity. That indeed, whatever situation young believers may find themselves into, whether it is having their family rejecting them; having rejection from their non-Christian friends; when tragedy heats and someone dies whom they love; when they face financial crisis; if the whole world becomes annoyed because of their stand for Jesus Christ, they shall be fed with spiritual food. Sickness will become a blessing to them and if you do not believe me here is what the prince of preachers has said: “I for one bear witness that sometimes periods of sickness are times of the greatest spiritual nourishment”. God promises to give us daily manna from heaven. If poverty strikes, God will feed you. If fear of death comes, God will feed you with the power to overcome the fear of death. Jesus left us with a promise “I am with you always, to the end of the age”(Matthew 28:20).

This is some very useful Biblical advice by C.H Spurgeon and hope and pray that it will a blessing for whoever read’s this blog. But if you desire to purchase C.H SPURGEON CLASSIC COUNSELS; visit this link :


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