New Vlog :does Christ command us not to judge at all?

When the Bible commands us to love our brother and sisters in Christ, it also means that we are to warn them if they are falling astray from the faith because of some false doctrine.

But often i have heard many who would profess Christian calling those who are concerned about warning others about the false doctrine that has made itself into their lives not to call out names or judge anyone. They most often use Matthew 7:1 as their ‘proof’ text for not judging.  They would call those who question another teachers doctrine or who expose his false doctrine to lovingly warn others according to the Bible as unloving, unkind, religious, hypocrites, pharisees and judgmental. It is God’s job they say to judge and not ours.

But does Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:1 command us not to make any judgment at all?

In this Vlog, we will look carefully at this misunderstood text according to it’s context and it’s meaning. Let us be good bereans and study the Scriptures together (Acts 17:11). Let us allow God’s Word to speak for itself.



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