Discovering the Holiness of God part 1

(This is short series on one of God’s great attributes, His Holiness).

So many today are challenging the existence of God by almost thinking that God is an invention done by men who wanted to take control of society and discipline it. Often when people ask about God or even begin to think about God they talk as if He is like them. These obviously shows that they don’t know God.

Even professing Christian’s tried God by thinking that He is common to us. They don’t know Him either. This is also the reason why most professing Christian’s treat God in an irreverent spirit, with their music and with their lips. They use His Holy name as a curse word. They accept everything that is unclean and evil and yet they say ‘me and God are ok’!.

It’s obvious that they do these things because they don’t know God. This should trouble them. Because if they don’t know God, then they cannot grasp the power of the Gospel message. They don’t fear God and they don’t care what God thinks when they blaspheme against His Holy name.

It is our Lord who said “this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God” (John 17:3). I don’t believe that anyone can understand the weighty value of the Gospel unless they know who God is first and then who man is.

So in order to understand the Gospel, we must first start with God. We must realize who we are talking about when we use so ‘freely’ the name of God or Jesus Christ. If you could think for a moment something: when I refer the name God; I want you to tell to yourself what is the first thought that comes into your mind?

I guess that most people will think that God is some kind of old man up in the sky sitting on a cloud watching the world and trying to get it’s attention by sending lighting or rain. A bigger version of us and more powerful than us. We see this in television programs and comedies. They made Him look very much like us. Like that art work done in the Sistine chapel in Rome by the artist Michelangelo whom people praise and call it ‘a masterpiece’. As one who has studied art and who earned a MA, in a biblical worldview, this is not a masterpiece but mere paganism. Because the one who did it didn’t consider what the real Master of the whole universe would think of his work. This is how pagans view God, who don’t know Him. They treat Him as common.

Then who is God?

He is Holy.

What does this mean?

The word itself used in the Hebrew (Isaiah 6:3) refers to God being separate from anything that is not Him.

And therefore the first point is: God is different from anyone or anything in the universe.

He is not common. God is therefore not be taken lightly or is not to be treated as if He is our ‘buddy’ our ‘homie’. We should not even try to compare ourselves with Him. Our ways are not His ways, His thoughts and wisdom are not ours. He is in a category all on His own. Can anyone confuse a marble from a diamond? I am sure none of us would, because the diamond clearly is so distinct from the marble because of its brightness and beauty. So it is with God. His Holiness is so distinct and exclusive than anyone in the entire universe.

Let me share an illustration: imagine if I was to see outside my window a spaceship landing next to my house and two aliens coming out of it, I would go to see them. But when they see me, imagine if they asked me ‘what are you?!’. I would say to them ‘ I am like him, and her and them, and there are another 6 billion who are like me on this planet!’. Because I can easily point out to them that I am not unique, there are allot of human beings living on this planet. But with God, I can’t compare God with anything, because He is like no one in the entire universe. In Exodus 3:13-14 Moses asked God if someone would ask Him ‘What is his name?’ God said to him ‘I AM WHAT I AM’. It is God who said in the Psalms to the people of Israel “you thought that I was one like yourself”? (Psalm 50:21). In Mark 10:18 when the rich young man came to Jesus and called Him good teacher, Jesus said to Him “Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is God”. That is the clear cut distinction between God and man. So we must look to Him not as we look to humans, but rather as someone who is entirely different.


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