The Fourth Commandment, Keeping the Sabbath Part B

Here dear friends, is the second part of a short preaching series by Pastor Pooyan Mehrshahi on the Law of God focusing now on the fourth Commandment, which instruct’s believers today to keep the Sabbath Holy :

This sermon is a more of an apologetic approach on the doctrine of the Sabbath.

Pastor Mehrshahi is preached again on Exodus 20:8-11 and he began by asking a very vital question to which we all must know how to answer: why are we worshiping God on Sunday rather than Saturday like the Jews do? And he slowly uncovers the biblical reasons why. Then he introduces to us on how this fundamental doctrine is defended according to the Scriptures and what are the objections on keeping the Sabbath Holy. And attempts to answer most of the influential objections concerning the Sabbath and keeping it Holy and if it is relevant of Christians today.



He goes back to the early church to reinforce his argument, which i believe is very crucial for us to learn from the way he presents the subject. Because it does not only encourage us to search the Scriptures daily to see if these things are true (Acts 17:11), it also encourages us to value Church History and the things we can learn from the past in order to prevent some mistake that can be made in the future. And in our modern times, many young Christians have been ignorant for Church History because of the way their churches have taught them what is truth. The reformers in order to defend Scripture against Rome’s claims, they did not only have to know the text and the meaning, but they had to expose and uncover the root and the source of the argument presented against the doctrines of grace. I used to be in that position, when i was in a false cult, until the Scriptures encouraged me to study the Word and then i began to search for church History and there i found that what the cult taught was very new. It was new because it did not line up with what Classical Christianity taught in the past from the Apostle’s to the Reformers and over til the times of the Great Awakening. So that is why it is valuable to focus on the history of the church. Because it also reveals to us the origins of those arguments made against keeping the fourth command.

Lastly, i want to express that i found it edifying and encouraging because now i can see how the Scriptures plainly teach us, with no compromise that every Christian needs to keep the Sabbath Holy, as the Day of the Lord. Dear friends, this is indeed a challenging sermon if you have an issue on keeping the Sabbath Holy. But despite the emotions that may come out by hearing this sermon; examine it and see if the Scriptures plainly teach it. Let the Word of God alone be our judge and not our emotions or what someone else says.

I hope it encourages you to think like this as it has encouraged me.

Ninos A. Hadjirousou. 




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