The Dangers of The Word Of Faith Movement part E ‘Their Doctrine of God’

(We continue our study on the dangers of the word of faith movement. May i encourage you to always have your bibles open when you read the false claims of the WOF preachers and see what the Bible really teaches on this subject. It is our duty to be good Bereans as Acts 17:11 commands us.)


Their doctrine of God

WoF teachers do not believe that God is Sovereign. They also teach that God has no ‘legal’ rights on the earth, as if He is bound to some spiritual laws. Here is a quote from Miles Mornoe talking with Benny Hinn on DayStar program:

“Let me define prayer for you in this show. Prayer is man giving God permission, or license, to interfere in earth’s affairs. In other words. Prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference.” Benny Hinn then says “That’s incredible!”. Monroe continues “God can do nothing on earth, nothing as ever God done on earth except a human giving him access.”  Hinn: “So his always looking for that somebody”. Monroe “Always looking for humans to give him power and permission. In other words, God has the power but you got the permission. God has the authority and the power, but you got the license. So even though God can do anything, he can only do what you permit him to do.” (Miles Monroe, This is Your Day, Benny Hinn, July 12, 2004).

What is the root of this way of thinking? The root of this theology is from their belief of the fall, Adam and God. I will show you very simply that: they teach that Adam was an exact duplicate of God (which bears the question, if Adam was God, then God sinned, since Adam sinned). When Adam sinned his ‘Godhood’ was transferred to Satan and to God. So God lost His legal right to do anything on earth. Satan is now the legal owner or god of the earth. And so WoF teaching says that if someone is saved, they regain their Godhood back and allow God to interfere in earth’s afrairs (as Benny Hinn and Miles Monroe and others teach). Thus they believe that they become gods again like Adam was before the fall. Though this obviously sound mythical, the WOF teach this strongly.

But let us examine what Scriptures says. In Psalms 135:6 says that God can do whatever He will in heaven and on the earth. Scripture says “The Lord has established His throne in the heavens; and His sovereignty rules over all” (Psalms 103:19). They furthermore believe that not only do we give God license but we also give our advice to God. Yet in Job we read God saying ‘who is this that darkens my counsel by word without knowledge’ (Job 38:2). The reason why they believe this is because of the foundation they have laid believing in the power of positive confession (we already touched on this). The Scripture teach that Satan is referred as the god of this age, not of this world, God is the legal God of this world. John Macarthur wrote “And so Word Faith theology denies God’s sovereignty, removes the need to pray to God for any relief from burdens or needs, and gives the Christian himself both dominion and creative power.”(J.F. MacArthur Jr,  Charismatic Chaos, p.331, Zondervan, 1992).

Application: The Sovereignty of God is one of the most encouraging and greatest doctrines of the Christian faith. It encourages believers to live lives of sacrificial worship and love towards God (Romans 12:1). It causes believers to trust that no matter how many trials come in their way, as they live holy lives, God is powerful enough to use those trials as a highway to holiness and heaven (2 Timothy 3:12). In other words, the saints can rejoice even in suffering and persecution (Romans 5:1-5). That nothing will ultimately separate us from the love of God, because He Reigns as the Supreme Ruler of All (Romans 8:35-39). Our lives are in His hands and not our own. So if anyone tries to make us believe otherwise, does not advocate the greatness of God, but the greatest and power of man and the devil.

(For further study on the origins of the WOF get on amazon D.R. McConnell’s Master thesis made into a book called ‘ A Different Gospel, a biblical look at the Word oF Faith movement‘ : )





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