Are you a good person? (video)

The latest video produced by the Pilgrims Media :

The aim of this video is to help people understand that there is bad news when it comes to addressing our relationship with God. The relationship of the non-Christian and God is not a positive one (Romans 1:18). The Gospel is about good news, but order to value the good news, one must first understand the bad news. Otherwise, no one would realities their need for a Savior (Luke 19:10).

Here are the Scripture verses in the video :

Genesis 6:5

Romans 3:23

Isaiah 51:5

Jeremiah 17:9

Romans 2:14-15

Exodus 20:1-20

James 2:10

Matthew 7:1-2

Isaiah 64:6-7

Romans 3:9-10

Hebrew’s 9:27

Numbers 14:18




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