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My name is Ninos Anthony Hadjirousou and I am an Enlgish/Cypriot from the wonderful Mediterranean island of Cyprus and I am a Christian. I have a BA/MA in Fine and Applied Arts from Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK. Served as a youth worker at Providence Baptist Chapel in Cheltenham. Worked as a school teacher at CCS (Christian Community School) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I currently work and live in Cheltenham.

                                    About the blog and it’s purpose

I give a warm welcome to anyone and everyone, no matter what background you come from, whether your non-religious, very religious or a brother and sister in Jesus Christ, i welcome you to my blog. Now you maybe thinking ‘ he is going to talk to us about art right?’ Answer: not so. The title of my blog ‘pilgrim’ was inspired from John Bunyan’s classic ‘The Piligrims progress’. Everyone in life is a pilgrim, they all have a route to go, but the question is, which path is your journey leading too? There are only two road in life, distruction and salvation. In a postmodern world i find people often do not realize how vital it is to know where you are going after your life end’s on this earth. As Christian i believe in God and i believe that He is the one who set’s the time and date of our existance on this earth. He determines how long we live because He Himself is the giver of life and the one who Has the authority to take it away. So you may have noticed while reading, that i dont agree with statement’s such as ‘no one can really know life after death’ ‘no one can know what truth is’ ‘there are many truth’s, but not one exclusive ultimate truth’. We all are looking for the truth which is out there. Thus the aim of this blog is to assist you and discuss with you what that truth is and where can you look for it. You have a choice to choose. You remain in the dreamland of your wordly desires and remain as a slave to it forever; or choose to investage life’s deep questions, become a pilgrim and seek the truth. My aim in this blog is to help readers understand what is the Gospel message is; and to help answer questions that an every day Christian and non Christian have.

Fellow brother and sister in Christ, you and i are undertaking a great pilgrimage in this life. We will face as our Lord said trials and false teaching’s and temptations all around us. This blogs will review books and sermons written and preached by some of the great preachers in History, some of them still alive with us today, in order to exercise discernment, knowledge create a conviction to proclaim what is known as the good news. These men of the past i pray will open for us the candle and light and point to us to the true light. So read the articles published carerfully.

I also would love to hear a question’s from anyone and try and answer them. I hope that this blog will encourage you, strengthen you, guide you to the one and true living bread , Christ Jesus my Lord. For it is written ‘ know the truth, and the truth will set you free”(John 8:32)

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